About Me

I’m Rob Fahey. I’m a PhD candidate at Waseda University in Tokyo, where I study contemporary politics and political communication, and conduct research into the changing nature of political communications and electoral campaigning in Japanese democracy, including the emerging role of social networks. I formerly studied at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, where my thesis considered factors influencing public opinion towards capital punishment in Japan.

I’m also a freelance journalist and consultant, specialising in the videogame and consumer technology industries. I write a regular column and occasional features for the leading trade and business publication for videogames, GamesIndustry.biz, a site which I previously edited for around five years. I also work on GAMESbrief with Nicholas Lovell, one of the industry’s top business consultants, with whom I have co-authored a number of books on the business of games.

I speak Japanese pretty well, read it competently and write it with the grace and flair of a crayon-wielding five-year-old. Beyond politics, I have wide-ranging interests in Japanese society and history, although this blog will probably end up being mostly on the political side of things. Although originally from Ireland, I lived in London for almost 15 years before moving to Tokyo, so I also have a deep interest in British politics.

I write fiction when I find time and motivation. The two rarely align.

I cook regularly, hike up mountains occasionally, read constantly and drink gladly. I generally spend at least a week of each year completely unplugged from the digital world on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, and the rest fidgeting uncontrollably if I lose LTE reception.