The Internet provides lots of ways of getting in touch, if you so desire. Personally, I like Twitter best. Feel free to follow me there, and send me an @ message if you’d like to respond to something on the blog.

There are alternatives, if you really hate Twitter, or if you’d like to send me a longer message in a non-public space. If you’re someone I know, you could add me on Facebook. Like the pictures I post occasionally? I’ve been absent from Flickr for a couple of years (I’ll hopefully get back to it when I get around to investing in a new SLR), but I use Instagram a fair bit. More of a business query than a personal chat? LinkedIn is fine, though it’s terribly spammy; you’re more likely to get a fast response over email.

You could always be old-fashioned and send me an email, if you like. I respond to [email protected] as regularly as I can. (If you’re a PR person – don’t bother emailing me asking me to cover your products, your launch, your silly stunt or whatever words of wisdom have just dripped unbidden from your CEO’s mouth. I don’t write puff pieces, news stories or reviews, as even the most cursory glance at my articles would tell you, so I’ll simply delete your email and block your address. Save both of us the hassle.)

Finally, if you’re Tokyo-based, you could always just suggest a time to go for a beer.