2020 Research & Writing Updates

2020 wasn’t exactly a great year for getting things done, but hey; some things got done nonetheless.

Journal Papers

  • Covariance in diurnal patterns of suicide-related expressions on Twitter and recorded suicide deaths” (with Jeremy Boo and Michiko Ueda), in Social Science & Medicine.
    (What’s interesting about it: there’s a surprising lack of clarity about whether people making suicidal statements on social media is actually connected in any way to suicide deaths – some people think it’s an obvious link, others think talk like that on social media is just casual or attention-seeking. We took a five-year sample of Twitter data and suicide death records and showed that with a small time lag, the hour-by-hour pattern of suicide deaths was indeed correlated to the traffic on Twitter regarding suicidal ideation.)

  • COVID-19, digital privacy, and the social limits on data-focused public health responses” (with Airo Hino), in International Journal of Information Management.
    (What’s interesting about it: this was a really early attempt to untangle some of the issues surrounding the use of digital tracking and contact tracing tools for managing the COVID-19 pandemic. It touches on a few different issues ranging from privacy concerns (and how being cavalier about those concerns could sink the whole digital side of the pandemic response – which, in the end, it did in many countries) to the path-dependency created by the dominance of tech giants.

Book Chapters

Book Reviews

  • 図書紹介:『内容分析の進め方 ーメディア・メッセージを読み解く』」、日本世論調査協会報「よろん」、126号、52−54. (“Book Review: ‘Analyzing Media Messages: Using Quantitative Content Analysis in Research'”, YORON: Journal of the Japanese Association for Public Opinion Research, Vol. 126, pp.52-54)

Conference Papers / Presentations

Editorials / Articles

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